August 27th, 2013
02:33 PM ET

U.S. Intervention in Syria?

Do you think the U.S. should take military action in Syria?
The Obama Administration has been considering limited, U.S. military strikes against Syria, following the news that chemical weapons might have been used in Syria's civil war.  Both the Syrian government and the rebels fighting it blame each other for using these weapons.  But President Obama says that if it turns out that the Syrian government used them, it would have crossed a "red line" - which may mean that the U.S. military could get involved.

Do you think it should?

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August 18th, 2013
06:26 PM ET

First Female NFL Referee?

Sarah Thomas says she didn't start out to break a gender barrier, but the 39-year-old referee would do just that if she's offered a job with the NFL.  She'd become the first woman to officiate full-time with the league.

It's not certain whether she'll get the job; at this point, she has only auditioned for it, helping referee a preseason game between the Oakland Raiders and the New Orleans Saints.  But we'd love to hear your opinion about the possibility of a woman officiating full-time in the NFL.

Carl Azuz, Anchor

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August 15th, 2013
06:30 PM ET

Working For Nothin’?

In a competitive job market, gaining on-the-job experience can be crucial to jumpstarting your career. But, as we see in today’s show some students are feeling they need to take creative steps just to afford living during their unpaid internships. Working for free comes with a cost and may not be an option for everyone. But, it could lead to a full-time job in the future. We want to know what you think. Would you be willing to take an unpaid internship?

Jeremy Dunn, Producer

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