May 17th, 2011
04:30 PM ET

Creative Studying

In this season of final exams, you've heard the traditional advice to get lots of sleep and study time, eat a good breakfast, turn off the TV, etc.  Now it's time for nontraditional advice.  We've known people who've slept next to their books, as if they'd absorb the information overnight.  One staff member said he listened to music while studying - when he took the test, he'd think of the song he studied to, and that would help him remember what he learned.  We also heard of someone who'd draw pictures to help herself visualize the material she studied.

So what about you: Do you have any creative methods for studying or simply getting through exam season?  (And no, you can't say "cheat" - that's cheating.)

 Carl Azuz, Anchor

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