December 1st, 2010
06:52 PM ET

Value of Simulators

Your opinion on simulators:

Buckle up:  On Thursday, we're taking you to a simulator show in France.  And we're not just talking flight simulators, like you have on your computer.  There are simulators for everything from auto racing and shipping to motorcycling and diving.

For the most part, simulators are much cheaper than actually training on a plane, motorcycle or ship would be.  And they can help you learn how to deal with dangerous conditions a lot more easily (and safely) than flying in rough weather, for example.

But I know a lot of you are like me:  You have a flight or racing simulator on your computer that you play more for fun than actual training.

We're interested to see whether you think they're more valuable as learning tools or more fun as games.

Carl Azuz, Anchor

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