November 30th, 2009
08:02 PM ET

Outside Looking In

If you’re into sports, like me, you know that the use of instant replay technology can make a huge impact on the outcome of a game.  In the case of a recent soccer playoff, the lack of instant replay potentially cost Ireland’s national team a trip to the 2010 World Cup.  Their opponent, France, was able to score the winning goal when French striker Thierry Henry admittedly touched the ball illegally with his hand.  As a result of the goal, Ireland failed to qualify for a trip to South Africa.

Henry believes it’s the referee’s responsibility to make that call.  Ireland believes they deserve another shot.  The team was denied a request for the game to be played over.  But now, they are asking FIFA to include them as the 33rd team in the 32-team field.

What do you think?  Is referee error part of the game?  Or do the Irish deserve a spot in the World Cup?

Jeremy Dunn, CNNSN Producer

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