August 24th, 2009
10:03 PM ET

Should Pluto Be a Planet?

Should Pluto be a planet?

Most of you came through elementary school counting Pluto as a planet.  It was WAAAAY out there, small and cold and alone, but it was tough.  Pluto never complained about living at the far reaches of the solar system.  It just kept moving, right after Neptune, on a long, wide road around the sun.

Then, three years ago, Pluto was demoted.  Research showed that it didn't have all the characteristics of the other planets.  So Pluto was kicked out of the planet club, reclassified as just a planetoid, and erased from textbooks around the world.

Well, some folks didn't like that.  Some still don't.  Many of them live in Illinois and New Mexico, and they've decided to reinstate Pluto, restoring the remote rock to its former position as a planet.

It's like Pluto got its old job back - at least in two states.  So the question is, would you put Pluto to work as a planet?  Or do you think the position of planetoid is where Pluto belongs?

Carl Azuz, Anchor (and Pluto Fan)

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