June 4th, 2009
09:45 PM ET

Can't Thank You Enough...

...for not hitting me with tomatoes after the puns.  All my best for a wonderful summer - God bless!

...for blaming Carl for all the bad puns. And for being such an incredible audience.
-Jordan, CNNSN Writer

...for welcoming us into your classroom.
-Donna, CNNSN Executive Producer

...for downloading the podcast every day.
-Jeff, CNNSN Web Producer

...for bearing with the new voice behind the clusterbusters, that's me Tomeka!
-Tomeka, CNNSN Associate Producer

...for the feedback we got from around the world...from classrooms as far away as Brazil and Japan, to a journalism school in Ghana, to schools right here in the United States.
-John, CNNSN Curriculum Writer

...for being kind to the new producer.
-Jeremy, CNNSN Producer

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