February 17th, 2009
10:38 PM ET

Twitter in the Operating Room

Surgery is a pretty private event - it's not usually something you want all your friends knowing about, let alone random people on Twitter.  You could argue that it doesn't matter whether doctors Twitter about your surgery as long as they don't use your name.  But if I'd been the patient discussed on Wednesday's show, I'm not sure I would've wanted the world knowing that I had an extra-large tumor on my kidney - regardless of whether my name was brought up.

Now I realize there's a benefit here to the medical community.  But to post the details of it on such a public place as Twitter seems like it goes pretty far.  What if something had gone terribly wrong?  The world would've known about it.

So let's say you're on your next visit to the doctor.  He asks you if his assistant can Twitter all the details of your checkup so that other aspiring doctors would know what the job is like.  Would it matter to you if they promised not to use your name?

Carl Azuz, Anchor

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