December 9th, 2008
06:43 PM ET

Let this be a lesson to all...

This is what happens when you bet with your heart, not your head.  On the left is the author of this post, a proud Michigan State University alum, forced to wear some form of pale blue because North Carolina narrowly defeated my Spartans in hoops last week.  And yes, narrowly, because if we would have just made 9 four-point plays, we’d have won!  It could be worse-this could be the blue and yellow colors of U of M, (perish the thought) though they do get props for handling Duke on national TV this past weekend.

To my right is the gleeful smirk of one Jordan Bienstock, Student News writer and Tar Heels fan.  I take solace in the fact that it’s way early in the season, and hope springs eternal until the tournament.  (“The” tournament, not the made for TV conference versions.)  I'm not sure he has stopped gloating, and this post will certainly not help.  How long is that victory lap anyway?

Paying the bet
I’ll now swear off frivolous office bets for good.


MSU is playing UGA (pronounced Uh-Guh) in the Capitol One Bowl on Jan 1st!  Since there are more Georgia alums and their fans running around here than ants at a picnic, that gives me an idea...

Jerry DeMink, VP CNN News Services

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