October 23rd, 2008
09:55 PM ET

Pink Hair Strands and a Candy Ban

My first topic in this post is about the student who risked suspension to dye her hair pink.  There's no doubt it was for a good cause:  to raise awareness about breast cancer.  But here's the hitch:  If school rules clearly say, "No unnatural hair color," and you dye a streak of your hair pink, aren't you risking the punishment?  She could've worn a pink ribbon, a pink bracelet, pink socks or pink shoelaces.  You may totally disagree with me - and that's fine - but I'd side with the school on this one.

However, I think the Massachusetts district's decision to ban all candy and soda from campus is WAY too extreme.  The new rules won't take full effect until January 1st, so Halloween candy will be all right for now.  But come 2009, NO candy will be allowed at school - and I think that's ridiculous.  While it may cut down on calories, I feel it unfairly penalizes those who eat sweets in moderation.  (Right now, in my desk at work, I have a bag of candy corn, and I'd be pretty ticked if someone took it away.)  So I side with the students here.

What's your take on these stories?

Carl Azuz, Anchor

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