July 1st, 2008
05:21 PM ET


In the post about sailor Zac Sunderland (published June 30), an anonymous viewer commented with the question, "How many teens can say that they have at least made an honest attempt to circumnavigate the world via the sea?"

The short answer is "not many," and we don't suggest anyone try it in water wings.  But one thing about Sunderland that really impressed me was his preparation.  He's taking everything into account, like places where he can stay, how much food he can fit in the boat, which course(s) to take...  It's not that other sailors never think of these things; it's just that Sunderland obviously knows what he's doing - including the risks he's taking and how to circumnavigate (get it?) them.

Our daily program resumes on CNN Headline News on Monday, August 18, and we're already preparing for it.  From writing and producing everything from promos to new reports, CNN Student News is very much on task, if off the air.  Are you doing anything to prepare for the upcoming school year?  How about your plans for the summer?

Carl Azuz, Anchor

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