April 7th, 2008
07:45 PM ET

Recycling Phones: Who Cares?

PTA fundraisers, Cell Phones for Soldiers, and now the U.S. Postal Service:  All are offering ways for us to recycle our old phones.  Now why, you may ask, should someone recycle his/her phone when the trash is conveniently located just a few feet away?  Having been tempted to throw my own phone into the garbage/toilet/interstate a number of times, I looked up some info this afternoon and found that electronics are toxic:  Cell phones, MP3 players, PDAs and their batteries all contain stuff that's bad for the environment if they're not properly disposed of.  And eventually, that can be bad for us, too.

Every script I read at work gets recycled, along with every soda can I drink out of; there are bins all over the place at CNN.  If recycling a cell phone is as convenient as a trip to the post office, well, why not?

Carl Azuz, Anchor

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