March 24th, 2008
09:29 PM ET

Some Thoughts (and Video) on Hugging


Dohaa and Michelle weigh in on the hugging controversy at one Arizona middle school, and they give a little Shoutout to Carl.

Earlier this month, a lot of you weighed in on a story about hugs being limited to two seconds at an Arizona school.  We saw responses varying from students who hate hugs to those who hate not being allowed to hug.  What we've posted here is an iReport featuring two Florida students' opinions on the topic...along with an opinion on a certain CNNSN host.

Thank you both for your kind words, though I'm a little embarrassed and getting teased NO END by my coworkers!

 Carl Azuz, Anchor

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March 24th, 2008
06:51 PM ET

Meramec River Flooding

Meramec River Floods

I'm John Martin, Curriculum writer for CNN Student News. The last few days, CNN Student News has spotlighted some of the floods hitting the Midwest. Meanwhile, my wife and I were visiting some of her family in St. Louis, and we saw some of the damage first hand. We stayed in Arnold, Missouri; a town along the Meramec River that was mentioned in our show. We saw homes that were underwater, a flooded baseball field where you could only see the tip of the backstop sticking out of the water, and some roads that were completely wiped out. We heard the stories from residents; some schools were closed; and my wife's aunt had to hike through the woods – even though her home was on high ground, the road to her home was impassable.
And while I was there talking to these people dealing with the flood, what were they asking me? How we fared through last week's tornado! So, how's the weather where you live?

John Martin, Curriculum Writer

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