March 3rd, 2008
05:01 PM ET

Project: Women's History Month

Hey, y'all – can you help me out?  This month, I'll be putting together several reports on women making history, and I'd like to know whom YOU'd pick.  I'm not looking for the folks who show up in portraits and sepia photos in your history books, though their contributions are outstanding.  I'd like to do something a little different – something on women currently making history.  We're talking Danica Patrick and Mia Hamm.  So if you have any suggestions, leave 'em here!

The fine print:  It has to be someone who's making history, not just headlines.  (I don't want someone just because she's a star; I want someone who's changing the world – who's the first to do something.)  Let me know if you have any ideas, and if I use your suggestion, I'll give you credit on the show!

Carl Azuz, Anchor

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