February 6th, 2008
07:23 PM ET

Heath Ledger's Death

We had a long discussion about whether to air the Heath Ledger story in January when the actor was found dead in a New York apartment.  We held off at that time because there was so little known about how he died.  The initial autopsy was inconclusive, and we didn't want to speculate or put something out there without having many of the answers ourselves.

After getting Wednesday's report by the New York medical examiner's office, we felt we had enough information to properly tell the story in Thursday's show.  If you'd like to tell us what you think – either about our decision or about Ledger's tragic death – we welcome your comments.

Carl Azuz, Anchor

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February 6th, 2008
03:09 AM ET

The Issues at Hand

All right – here's your chance to shout out what issues matter most to you.  It doesn't matter whether you're old enough to vote this time around; we just wanna know what's on your mind:  economy, war, environment, immigration... the New York Giants?  Well, scratch that last part.  But tell us:  If you were to vote for any presidential candidate today, what would be the biggest factor in your vote?

Carl Azuz, Anchor

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