December 13th, 2007
10:13 PM ET

Naming Names


Ex-Sen. George Mitchell, left, was hired by MLB Commissioner Bud Selig, right, to probe steroid use.

In Friday's story about the Mitchell report on performance enhancing drug use in baseball, you hear the names of several Major League All-Stars who are allegedly linked to steroids. I really don't like publishing these names, after all, they haven't been convicted of anything, they're just listed in the report. And anyway, c‘mon! These guys are supposed to be our heroes. The Boys of Summer who every baseball fan lives and dies with each season. Why do we have to drag them through the mud like this?

Well, here's one reason: Consider the number of young people who are reportedly using HGH or steroids to get ahead in their sport. Maybe this report will make a high school player stop and think before doing it. Of course, I can see a young athlete asking, "If they do it, why shouldn't I?" but I hope they'll see there isn't a happy ending, no matter the results on the field.

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