November 25th, 2007
07:28 PM ET

Best Holiday Gift EVER

When I was a little kid, my friends and I focused on two big questions every December:  "What do you want for Christmas" and "What did you get for Christmas?"  We only hoped the answer to the second question would be the same as the first, never really knowing how blessed we were.

I don't think I still own a single toy I got for one of those childhood Christmases.  Heaven only knows what happened to my 10-speed bike or radio-controlled dune buggy or Omega Supreme, the biggest Transformer I'd ever laid eyes on.  That isn't the stuff that sticks.  The picture of my mom in front of the Christmas tree lasted a lot longer.  We can still read the thank you letters from some troops we sent care packages to.

Now I'm not gonna get all sappy on you, but I'd like to know what you think is the greatest holiday gift EVER.  Name something - large or small, expensive or free - that you think captures the true spirit of the season, regardless of what you celebrate.  And we may feature your comment on an upcoming broadcast of CNN Student News!

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