October 10th, 2007
05:57 PM ET

A Thoughtful Process

Hi, I'm Donna Krache, executive producer of CNN Student News.  Today's First Up story about the school shooting in Ohio is the kind of story that is tough to tell to anyone, but even tougher to present to our student audience.  Each day, we hold an editorial meeting where we talk about the stories we will cover, and the context in which we will cover them.  Today's meeting involved a very thoughtful discussion about how to tell this story, one that we know the students will be talking about.  At times the discussion sounded more like an intense debate. Our writer was concerned about singling out kids who are "different" as "threatening."  Our curriculum manager was adamant that we empower kids by giving them a sense of control over their own safety.  Everyone on staff agreed  that the story is news, and in a daily news program, it needed to be told. 

We are always mindful of our responsibility to present the news of the day to our unique audience and give a lot of thought as to how that is done. 

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