September 24th, 2007
09:24 PM ET

Your Opinion: Ahmadinejad at Columbia

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made quite an impression at New York's Columbia University on Monday. You can read all about it here, and it's our top story on Tuesday's CNN Student News.

His appearance at Columbia sparked protests and demonstrations outside the university. Protesters cited Ahmadinejad's views on the Holocaust, Israel, and Iran's state sponsorship of terrorism as reasons why he should not be allowed to speak. But, as a bastion of higher learning, and a place for open debate, does his visit make perfect sense? You tell us.

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September 24th, 2007
05:54 PM ET

An Issue of Timing

We had a tough call to make in today's editorial meeting:  whether or not to air a story on the United Auto Workers' strike against General Motors.  Usually, our discussion revolves around how we approach a story, how we can explain it in an interesting and clear way, and what kinds of interstitials we can work in (a Word to the Wise on either "strike" or "union" was being considered).

Today, though, we had to think of timing.  Shortly after the strike began, union leaders said they were willing to resume negotiations, and General Motors said it was hopeful for a quick deal despite the start of the strike.  So it put us in a bit of a bind:  What if, after our show was finished, the strike ended?  Students on Tuesday would be hearing a story about a strike, but if it were over by then, we'd be awfully dated.

So we decided to hold off on this story until either a gridlock or a deal is reached.

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