September 20th, 2007
10:18 PM ET

Switching It Up

We’re dynamic, y’all!  Start off with a Shoutout?  Sure.  Add different maps or interstitial segments?  Yeah, boy!  There aren’t a lot of set rules for our format, so we’re working on switching it up a bit to keep things cooking.  This includes everything from when we air our interactive segments to how we set up the camera.  (This week, I had a few stand-up shots in front of the plasma-screen TV.  Last Friday, we were in a different studio altogether, with a huge wall behind me that showed off our graphics.)

We’re always looking for new approaches to our show, so if you have any suggestions or comments (thank you, Mr. Langhorst), please be sure to send ‘em our way.  And have a great and safe weekend – we know the Autumnal Equinox can get pretty crazy.  Or not.

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