September 13th, 2007
10:24 PM ET

A Wrinkle In Time

Hi. I'm Jordan Bienstock, the writer for CNN Student News. I'm the one who's responsible for writing what our anchors say.

Because we tape our show at 9pm, sometimes I have to write about things that haven't happened yet. Like tonight, I had to write about President Bush's televised address... but I had to do it before he spoke! Trust me, it's just as weird as you think.

So, since I don't make up the news (that would be wrong) and there's no such thing as time travel (...yet), how do we pull it off?  We usually have some info to work with ahead of time. So I use that, write in broad terms and do it very carefully. Because it might be tough to write about something that hasn't happened yet. But it's a lot worse to accidentally write about something that NEVER happened.

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