September 4th, 2007
03:25 PM ET

Things I Wish I'd Asked The Hulk

During a convention last weekend in Atlanta, I spoke briefly with Lou Ferrigno, The Incredible Hulk.  There was no green makeup – just the biggest guy I'd ever seen.  And fortunately for me, he was really nice.

You don't just look up at Lou Ferrigno; you look side to side.  He's about 6 feet 5 and HUGE.  His shoulders have shoulders.  His biceps are as big as my head.

So I wasn't quite as candid as I like to be.  For example, when Mr. Ferrigno told me he was working on a new Hulk movie with Edward Norton, I should've asked, "So who's going to be The Hulk?"  I think that would've been pretty funny.

When he said he wasn't intimidated by anyone around, I should've asked, "Not even me?"  (I'm 6 feet 2, but he bench presses a little more than I do – about 300 pounds.)  I could've asked him if he's ever cleaned out a buffet or accidentally squashed someone or if he could take Chuck Norris.

That would've made for a punchier interview on my part.  On the other hand, maybe I did all right by sticking to the basics.  I didn't want to make The Hulk angry.

What would you have asked him?

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