August 29th, 2007
04:36 PM ET

What the Heck Am I Looking At?

It's not a fly on the wall – they keep the studio pest-free (if you don't count the anchor).  When you see me looking off-camera at the end of a report or a Shoutout, I'm usually watching the monitor, a television that allows me to see exactly what you do.

True, this means I can see my big head bobbing up and down in my peripheral vision.  But one gets used to that.  I also get to watch the reports and interstitials that we air in each show, and that helps if I want to transition from one story to another or to explain how an ID Me is relevant to a specific report.

It also keeps me from staring at you like a deer at headlights... or an English major at a chemistry project... or a news anchor at a teleprompter...

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