August 27th, 2007
09:22 PM ET

What Do You Think?

We had a zesty discussion today about whether to air the YouTube video of a pageant contestant's somewhat incoherent answer to a question about some Americans' inability to locate their own country on a world map (my apologies for all of the prepositional phrases).

There were a lot of opinions voiced at our editorial meeting. Some thought the video showed how easy it is to stumble in the spotlight; some thought it would have made a great "Before We Go" segment based on its comedic value; some thought it would appear as if we were making fun of the contestant.

Because the competitor was planning to respond to the incident on Tuesday morning Рbefore many of our viewers would see Tuesday's show Рwe decided on airing a different segment instead. But we want to know: What do you think? Should we have aired it? Was it newsworthy? Would you like to see segments like it in the future?

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