August 20th, 2007
03:53 PM ET


Hello and welcome to my blog!  One of my favorite phrases is "back in my day."  It's like a warning that Grandpa is driving back to Memoryville, and you're trapped in the car.  I'm somewhat sure I'm not your grandfather, but...Back in my day, we didn't have blogs.  We put hieroglyphics on a tablet and hoped the mail donkey reached the next town before it died.  Well, that's a slight exaggeration, but the Internet was just getting going when I was in grade school, and things seemed farther away.  For example, if I wanted a new pair of drumsticks – I used to deafen myself and my neighbors on a garage drum set – I asked Mom for either a ride or a credit card:  The music store was 10 miles away, and mail order companies wouldn't ship something just because a 14-year-old promised to pay.  (I tried to argue that I made great grades, got along with my sister, and earned a steady living as a grocery store bagger.  They hung up.)

Today, of course, you have music, music stores, and news anchors at your fingertips.  So if you suddenly decide that streaming video and instant messaging just don't rivet your attention as much as they should, swing by this here Web page, and I'll do my best to regale you with spellbinding stories from the anchor desk.  And if you happen to have a question or three, like "Do guy anchors have to wear makeup too?  Have you ever messed up on air?  What's it like the first time you're on TV?" I might answer, "Yes, yes, and terrifying."

Thank you for stopping by, and please stay tuned for more topics taking center stage in your day.  I promise not to use hieroglyphics.



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